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Welcome to High Caliber Gifts, Ltd. We launched High Caliber Gifts to offer one-of-a-kind firearms that the average hunter, shooter and collector can afford.

We currently feature our special designs on Henry Golden Boy .17 and .22 caliber rifles and Big Boy higher caliber rifles because of the quality and value of these 'Made In America' Henry rifles and because of the tremendous engraving options available on the handsome Henry receivers.

These unique and affordable special firearms enable you to create a family heirloom combining unique themes, personalized serial numbers and custom engraving and inscriptions.

Our goal is to offer unique High Caliber firearms that will bring pleasure today and pride for generations to come.

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Personalized Serial Numbers

Personalized Serial Numbers
One of the most popular features we offer our clients is the ability for you to select your own unique serial number. You can create a serial number that celebrates a special event, such as a birthday, graduation, retirement or the name of someone special - such as 4THEBESTDAD. Your custom serial number can be almost any combination of numbers and capitalized letters, up to 12 characters.

Our rifles are available with a personalized serial number (with no special engraving) at the attractive price of only $530.00 for the .22LR Golden Boy or $775.00 for any caliber Big Boy. Click for more details on Personalized Serial Numbers.

Standard Editions

Standard Editions
To assist our clients with the design and selection process, we offer a selection of standard designs and inscriptions--such as our "Born In The USA" or "Not Over The Hill" Birthday Editions. If you like our standard inscription, you just provide us with the name or inscription you want on the receiver and personalized serial number--and we will begin work creating your new heirloom. Click for more Info.

Personalized Editions

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If you like our basic design but want to add some creativity of your own, we make it easy and inexpensive for you to personalize your High Caliber rifle with your own inscriptions, names, dates, etc. Using our easy to follow form, you tell us exactly what you want engraved on each side of the receiver. There is a charge of only $85.00 per side for personalizing the inscription on one or both sides of the receiver. Click for more Info.

Custom Editions

You can also create your own totally custom design on a Henry Golden Boy or Big Boy. To discuss a totally custom design, including original artwork, scroll patterns, etc., please give us a call at 803 641 1030.

Fair Prices

Fair Prices
Our custom Henry rifles are very competitively priced. Our "Economy Special" .22 Golden Boy with custom nickel plated receiver and your own custom serial number, for example, is only $530.00. Our standard Birthday or Graduation Editions,with engraved receiver, 24-karat gold inscriptions and personalized name is only $660.00. Our Henry Big Boys begin at $775.00.

Shipping - All High Caliber firearms must be shipped to a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer.

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